Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Xbox 360, Playstation 3 And Nintendo Wii Battle For Hearts, Minds And Sales

With the 2007 vacation season external respiration down their cervixes the large three manufacturers of picture game comforts are gearing up for a battle. They are fighting for the Black Maria and heads of those who play picture games, and the victor will be determined by yearly gross sales Numbers of their video game consoles. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are doing conflict for laterality of the picture game industry with their Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii products, and the competition have never been fiercer than it is today.

At the end of August, 2007 it was Nintendo Wii that people were buying the most when they chose a picture game console. 404 thousand units of measurement of measurement of measurement were purchased compared to 272 thousand Xbox 360 units and 131 thousand Playstation 3 units. Wii have got been merchandising more than the other two concerted each calendar month for the past 10 calendar months according to the NDP Group, the top company for providing information about the gross sales and tendencies of industries worldwide.

But Sony and Microsoft have programs that are being unveiled as I speak. They recognize that they must really be on their game this twelvemonth if they are expecting to make well against Nintendo Wii during the vacation season. Sony is expected to let go of a less expensive version of Playstation 3 and Microsoft have got recently released a colourful Aura 3 version of Xbox 360 at a decreased price.

Sales of the Playstation 3 picture game comforts have been modest at best since its release. This is owed to a figure of factors including an expensive initial gross sales terms of 500 to 600 dollars per unit, and a deficiency of any picture games that have got achieved cultural phenomenon position like Aura 3 did with Xbox 360. Nintendo Wii have been outselling both of them mainly because of its low-cost terms of 250 dollars, and the technically advanced Wii distant with the movement detector feature.

The Playstation 3 comfort did pretty well last twelvemonth during the vacation season with 491 thousand picture game comforts sold in December, 2006, according to the NDP Group statistics. About 1.4 million Playstation 2 comforts were also sold during that same month, which demoes how popular its predecessor was prior to its release. Gross Sales of both Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 began to worsen soon after that though, with lone 82 thousand Playstation 3 units of measurement of measurement sold during April of 2007 and only 194 thousand Playstation 2 units sold. However, the figure of gross sales have increased in recent calendar calendar months with 139 thousand Playstation 3 comforts sold in July of 2007 and 131 thousand sold in August, and 279 thousand and 202 thousand for Playstation 2 during those months.

Sony is expected to present a 399 dollar 40GB Playstation 3 picture game comfort around November 16 according to insiders of the picture game industry. This move by Sony, which is in response to the less priced version of Xbox 360 that was recently released by Microsoft will be just in clip for the vacation season.

There have been much guess lately about whether or not Sony will be releasing their less priced Playstation 3, but existent grounds was recently provided for this theory when they filed for a system theoretical account figure with the FCC.

Sony is hoping to acquire back in the race against Microsoft and their Xbox 360 picture game comfort which recently released a Aura 3 version modeled after their popular picture game of the same name. Nintendo Wii is still out in presence of these two merchandises and running strong as we head into the 2007 vacation season.

Nintendo Wii have been far ahead in gross sales over Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 since its release last twelvemonth at this time. In December of 2006 there were 604 thousand of these picture game comforts purchased. 436 thousand were then purchased in January, 2007. Gross Sales are still going strong lately with 425 thousand sold in July and 404 thousand in August.

One of the grounds that Nintendo Wii is selling a batch more video game comforts than Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is because it is very popular in states other than the United States such as as Japan. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gross sales are not very good in Japan. Nintendo Wii is much cheaper, and the terms difference can be a very of import factor for the norm difficult workings citizen.

As the 2007 vacation season attacks there is a conflict brewing over who will govern the picture game industry. While Nintendo Wii have got been winning since its release almost a twelvemonth ago merchandising more than the other two rivals combined every month, it is about to meet a revitalized competition.

Microsoft and Sony have regrouped and they are both dorsum in the fighting with new versions of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. With no new merchandise to offer, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo Wii will be able to remain on top of gross sales for picture game comforts this vacation season. Microsoft and Sony are going into the season with newer, cheaper and revitalized versions of their picture game consoles. Most importantly, they are both companies that have got been known to carry through and even excel the concern ends that they put out to accomplish, and they should never be underestimated.

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