Friday, September 28, 2007

iPod Classic Disappoints 3rd Party Repair Companies Now And Consumers Later

The newly-released iPod classic have a serious designing flaw that very few people are aware of: the metallic Ag back half have been re-designed to forestall it from being removed. On earlier iPod models, like the previously-released 5th Coevals Video iPod, one could divide the two halves using a do-it-yourself iPod battery substitution kit or, in a pinch, a metallic element screwdriver.

On the iPod classic, however, a series of little metallic element dentition have got been added to the design. These dentition environ all four sides of the inside of the iPod classic and, once the two halves of the participant are pressed together during assembly, the cartridge holders prosecute and that's it - the unit of measurement is sealed up like an Egyptian tomb. This make it very ambitious to replace an iPod classic battery.

With earlier iPods, if the liquid crystal display cracked, or the difficult thrust failed, or the battery stopped holding a charge, the norm consumer could either execute the fix themselves or direct it to a 3rd political party iPod service company like to do it for them. Now that these newer theoretical accounts are being designed with close-once-and-never-open-again cases, this drastically cut downs the possibility that you will be able to mend your iPod on your ain without having to prosecute Apple. And as most people cognize by know, iPods look to neglect or demand service shortly after the guarantee expires.

It will probably be a few calendar months before this issue come ups to the general public. It's quite likely that the saavy consumer will reason that, in the long run, it may be better to maintain their aged theoretical account iPod up and running since they have got self-service options available for them instead of upgrading to newer iPod theoretical account that tin never be repaired.

There are a few iPod battery installing companies out there that are working on ways to open up the new iPod classic without destroying the dorsum one-half of the participant in the process, but only clip will state if they will be successful or not.


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