Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why I Chose A Mac For My Video Production Business And Why You Shouldn't Feel Badly If You Didn't

In the old days, the conflict over Windows vs. Mackintosh caused more than than a few heated up discussions. Macintosh users are a dedicated bunch, eager to support the operating system that they so fondly place with. Windows users took discourtesy to the suggestion that their computing machines were nerdy by comparing to the glossy industrial designings and polished interfaces that Apple is celebrated for. The conflict may go on on some distant fronts, but it looks that developments of the last couple of old age have got pretty much rendered the statement moot. That is, of course, aside from the land of cockamamie telecasting commercials.

First, Apple is no longer a struggling small company with a quaint machine only used by a few dice hards. The iPhone, iPod, iTelevision, iTunes, and iMac--all dumbfounding commercial successes, have got pushed Apple net income into the stratosphere. (I still fume at my stock agent for talking me out of purchasing Apple stock three old age ago. Overvalued my Irish butt!) Apple is improbable to whither into limbo any clip soon.

Second, Steve Jobs made the widely unexpected determination to travel to Intel chipsets for Mackintosh hardware. The consequence have got been that Macs have go the Swiss Army Knives of the computer science world, deftly running Mackintosh OSX, Windows, Unix, or Linux. Multiple operating systems can be run on one machine, often simultaneously. Even the most burning Mac-hater should have got a unsmooth clip arguing about a machine that tin make all that.

Third, the long standing "Apple premium" in their pricing construction have all but vanished. When comparing Apples to apples, pricing for like-machines is nearly equal. Today, the terms spreading is mostly the consequence of Apple's determination not to fabricate very low-end, stripped down, machines. Even the most basic Macintosh is still a fairly good performer.

Okay, with all that said, here is a little listing of my grounds for using Macintosh equipment in my picture production studio:

* Concluding Cut Express - This $300 mid-level video redaction suite is powerful beyond compare and usages redaction conventions that easily shift to higher end solutions. In the production world, this is quite the bargain.

*Final Cut Pro - The newest rendering of this suite is a true powerhouse. This programme is used to post a batch of the telecasting broadcast in the United States today and an even bigger per centum of the movement images we see at the local Cineplex. And if you can run Concluding Cut Express, the acquisition curved shape for Pro is no large deal.

*iDVD - This slickness small DVD authoring tool come ups free with all Macs as portion of the iLife digital mass media suite. It is easy to use, efficient, the consequences look fantastic, and the programme is filled with many pro-level features.

*Stability - Windows XP is a mulct programme and is easily the most stable os that Microsoft have ever come up up with, yet Mackintosh OSX still beats out it hands-down for reliability.

*Windows View - It is approaching a twelvemonth since the release of Microsoft's new babe and the programme is improving every day. Still, this system is a mess. Most picture redaction programmes still will not run reliably on it, and currently no redaction systems run with adequate velocity on Vista.

*Applecare - Applecare is the Apple three-year drawn-out guarantee and service contract available for all of their hardware. In my view, this is the best value in computing. When a job arises, and it will, the Texas-based tech support at Apple is there to bail you out. Every Applecare phone call I have got made in the last 15 old age have been a positive experience. In contrast, I called Compaq a couple of calendar months back. After two hours and 15 proceedings of hearing to a recording that told me over and over how dedicated horsepower is to client service, and without ever talking to a human, I gave up.

On the asset side for Windows machines, Windows XP is still available. Sony Vegas is a great and very capable redaction suite, Camtasia is a great tool for making tech-related videos, and many Windows machines are infinitely modifiable and expandable, something that tin be claimed by lone the highest-end Apples.

Apple equipment bes the most options and the most up-time for my business. My determination may be a small more than in the close term, but what I salvage in clip and defeat intends that I come up out manner ahead. But that's me. If you are a comfy Windows user and have got got an redaction solution that you are comfy with, then you have made the determinations right for you. The lines between the computing machine encampments have got blurred. Pick the tool that tantrums you and your demands the best.

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