Thursday, November 1, 2007

Are Video Games Becoming Too Violent?

Are picture games becoming to violent? Long gone are the classic picture game days. No longer make we have got Superintendent Mario Brothers or Atari. Today the games have got taken a whole new direction. Violence yup force is the new factor in a bulk of all picture games. From Aura to other games killing, violent death and more than killing is the chief ingredient in all games. Now are violent picture games having a negative impact on our society? I believe violent picture games are having a negative impact on our society.

Now many people are blaming picture game companies for producing such as violent games. But is it the picture game companies fault. Or is it the parents fault for allowing children to play these games. I believe it is a small of both. With these major picture game corps I believe they have got a duty to the public to bring forth picture games which lend to overall good of our society. I believe they have got got a duty to set out games which assist our society not lend in a negative manner by making children into deteriorate thugs.

Now I also believe the parents have the bigger duty as parents. Now let's be honorable about the picture game corps, underside line they are in it for the money. So the picture game corps provide to what the consumer wants. Whether the consumer is a 30 twelvemonth old adult male or your 12 twelvemonth old son. What make they care as long as their wares is off theshelves, sort of like a drug dealer. So the duty put on the parents to step up. Trust me if parents stopped buying these games for their kids, the picture game companies would acquire the intimation and the games would change.

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