Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Regcure Registry Cleaner Review - Is Regcure Really A Scam?

Are you thinking of using the Regcure register cleaner? I have got bought and used this software system when my computing machine started giving me a batch of velocity jobs and crashing randomly. Despite having an active anti-virus on my computer, I could not observe the grounds for my personal computer problems. After searching through the cyberspace for more than solutions, I was recommended the Regcure cleansing agent when I realized that my jobs were caused by the registry.

Why Having An Antivirus Is Not Enough

Viruses on your computing machine can do many problems, but most of the clip when you recognize that your computing machine velocity decelerates down significantly, it is caused by mistakes and lacking entries in the computing machine registry. This is why having an antivirus have not stopped my personal computing machine public presentation from dropping.

My Experience

After reading respective recommendations about this register cleaner, I downloaded it to acquire a a free scan on my computer to happen my possible errors. The scan revealed more than than 200 mistakes on my computer, and I knew I had to repair my register immediately. The inquiry was which software system I should utilize to make it.

Regcure actually necessitates a payment fee to make a cleanup. When I realized this, I wanted to do certain that my money would be well spent, so I continued looking around for more than users' experiences.

Eventually, I purchased it after reading about the experiences of users who have got had their registers fixed by this software. Personally, I also establish this programme to be one of the more than user friendly 1s than the other dry cleaners that I have got tried. After running the fix, which took about 10 minutes, I was prompted to restart my computer. The restart velocity was faster than what I had been experiencing before, and I was even more than pleased when the slow processing velocity job that I was having before was gone.

Features Of Regcure

On top of having most of the basic characteristics of register cleaners, like backup, scheduled scanning and usage scan capabilities, this register cleansing agent also have some impressive characteristics that I did not happen in other software.

It allowed me full control of the programmes that loading when my computing machine starts up. I can disable and re-enable many of the unneeded programmes that start when my personal computer is loading up. This capableness gives me fast and easy control over the applications that are running in the background.

After performing the scheduled scan on your PC, you can put the software system to make an automatic fix of your register afterwards. This have allowed me to configure Regcure to work automatically, optimizing my computing machine with very small engagement on my part. There are of course of study some characteristics that I wished were included in Regcure, which I had establish in other cleaners. It could not maintain a scan log analysis, and did not offer unrecorded aid support for its users. The lone manner to reach the technical support squad was to travel through their electronic mail link.

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